About Us

Starting of April 2013, a group of Omega Chi alumni began working with representatives of Deke International and a group of young men who were interested in re-founding Omega Chi. In 2014 an Omega Chi Alumni Association was formed along with an Omega Chi Scholarship Association, a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Both the Alumni and Scholarship Associations were officially presented to the membership at large in March or 2014 at a reunion in Fredericksburg. An effort was make to include as many alumni as possible, but as you will see when you click on the Alumni Directory tab, the list of Omega Chi alumni provided by Deke International is severely out-of-date. Getting back in contact with all living alumni is our Number One challenge! We need everyone’s help in locating old classmates and spreading the word.

Reconnecting with our membership and updating our information is our biggest challenge, but no our only one. We also want to help identify good potential rushees and help organize alumni events in Austin around football weekends and around the state.

The Austin alumni just held their first quarterly luncheon. Despite an incomplete list and a lot of people being on vacation, there was a good turnout that was enjoyed by all. We hope other local chapters will organize lunch groups or other ways to get together.

The spring Reunion at Fredericksburg has been a big success for those who attended, but unfortunately we were not able to get information out to a lot of alums because the list is out of date. Hopefully this problem is being remedied by creation of this Association and we will have other events in Austin and around the state with broader attendance.